Warehousing service

To make further important operating system efficiently,especially in well-designed warehouse. We divided a specific area in the process of packaging. Packing and sorting with sufficient space to classification of goods. Kwai Tak Industrial Center is our property. Closer to the airport, container terminals, warehousing services as following:
Third-party logistics warehousing services
Complex sorting and packaging operations to a distribution (fast flow consumer goods / electronics / fashion logistics)
Fast delivery of goods added daily
Accurate bar code scanning inventory management system
Re-labeling and repackaging services scheduled
Arrangements for handling and delivery services
Inventory Management: According to the access to cargo / goods movement / lot number / type of goods / inventory and other information for developing a specific report date)
Inventory control: According to the maturity of the goods / reorder level / distribution of goods / cargo quota information for developing reports)
Container terminal and re-settlement services

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